As Shot Glass’ Production Accountant, Marisa is responsible for all bookkeeping, reporting, and auditing of client accounts.  Keeping track of all financials on behalf of the company and in the interests of our clients is a top priority, and nothing escapes her eagle eye.


And when it comes to client services, Marisa plays an integral role in helping to ensure that the ship runs smoothly.  From research to logistical coordination, and from putting out fires to addressing any-and-all client concerns, Marisa is an essential element of the Shot Glass Team.


The combination of Marisa's love for heels and our concrete floors mean that you’ll always know when she is on the move… So when you hear that sound, it's usually a sign that some of the best fresh brewed coffee is on the way.  Starbucks, eat your heart out!


Activating Audiences  •  Driving Engagement  •  Delivering Results

(323) 464-5111    2210 W. Olive Ave, Suite 300 Burbank, CA 91506